A Message From Outgoing AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton

A Message From Outgoing AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton

After nearly 7 years at the helm, and 15 years in our Union, Daniel Walton has announced he is stepping down as AWU National Secretary.

“It has been a singular honour to lead the AWU and I’m incredibly proud of what our union has achieved by working together since 2016,” he says.

“I have the deepest respect for our members, the work they do and the issues they face. They work in some of the toughest industries undertaking backbreaking work, on precarious shift patterns resulting in huge periods away from their loved ones. They make the things that keep our country and our economy running.”

“We helped save the steel industry from the brink of collapse. We’ve celebrated inspiring industrial wins. We’ve helped improve conditions for vulnerable workers like fruit pickers. And we’ve had a positive impact influencing the national agenda, especially on energy prices and a fair go for manufacturing.”

“Along the way we’ve modernised our processes and structures and our union is now growing strongly. I’m so pleased the AWU is today in great shape to continue the mission it started in 1886: fighting for a fairer deal for Australian workers.”

Dan will remain at the Union for a couple of months to help manage the transition. We wish Dan all the best for his future; he has without doubt left a lasting legacy on our Union that will not be forgotten.


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