Health and Safety Representatives



The Work Health and Safety Act 2012 states that a group of workers may elect a person to represent them on health and safety issues.
The group of workers is called the work group and the person they elect to represent them is called a health and safety representative (HSR).

To help Health and Safety Representatives efficiently carry out their role they are governed by legal rights. HSRs may:

  • inspect the workplace
  • accompany an inspector during a workplace inspection
  • listen to, and investigate, any worker concerns about safety issues
  • be present at interviews concerning WHS investigation
  • discuss health and safety matters with person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU)
  • be consulted on policies, procedures and any proposed workplace changes in the working environment
  • access workplace information about hazards, policies and procedures
  • *issue a provisional improvement notice if a matter has not be satisfactorily resolved in reasonable time
  • *direct work to stop if there is an immediate threat to the health and safety of workers
  • request for an establishment of a Health and Safety Committee
  • attend necessary training without the loss of any remuneration
  • be notified of any work related injuries

*Note:- the HSR MUST have completed their initial prescribed training before exercising this entitlement.

It is not the role of a HSR to:

  • train other staff
  •  develop health and safety policies and procedures
  • fix safety problems in the workplace


Term of Office for a Health and Safety Representative
HSRs are elected for a three year term and are entitled to attend 10 days training over the three years at an Approved Training Provider (ATP) of their choice.

HSR Level 1 (5 days) – first year of term
HSR Level 2 (3 days) – second year of term
HSR Level 3 (2 days) – third year of term.

A person ceases to be a health and safety representative for a work group if that person:

  • completes a term of office
  • cease to belong to the relevant work group
  • resigns as a HSR

When a Health & Safety Representative has been elected they MUST inform SafeWork SA of their position.

The HSR’s employer must log on to SafeWork SA’s online portal and register the HSR. SafeWork SA will then provide the employer/HSR with their unique HRD ID#. This ID# is required when the HSR undertakes training, it is their responsibility to notify the training organisation of their HSR ID#.