As well as standard union benefits such as advice on workplace issues, enterprise bargaining  agreements, awards, workers’ compensation matters and occupational health and safety concerns, your membership entitles you to a range of union services including:

  • Ambulance Cover at reduced rates
  • Free preparation of a Standard Will
  • Free half hour visit to a lawyer
  • Free half hour visit to a financial advisor
  • OHS Training
  • Free Delegate Training

Our website is regularly updated with membership services along with training dates and course training information.

As a member of the Australian Workers’ Union  we make a pledge of service to you. We put members first by:

  • Promoting job security
  • Opposing casualisation of jobs
  • Improving wages and conditions
  • Protecting against discrimination and harassment

The AWU is only as strong as you make it when protecting your rights at work, because our  members are the strength.