The Union Delegate is the person other union members come to when they believe they have a problem or difficulty at work. The Delegate then works with the member to either fix the problem or help the member understand their rights and obligations within the workplace.

The Delegate is a very important part of the Union as they are the first point of contact for members who have problems or need advice.

If the problem is big or serious, or if the advice is too complex, the Delegate then puts members in touch with the Union’s officials, usually the Organiser.

Delegates receive no payment from the Union for the role they play. In some workplaces Delegates may be entitled to additional privileges or benefits – things like use of the phone, time “off the job” to conduct interviews and meetings etc.

More information about a Delegate’s roles & responsibilities

An HSR is a specialised Delegate that has done extra training in occupational health and safety practices in the workplace. Usually larger workplaces will have seperate delegates and HSR reps.

The best way to find out who the delegate in your workplace is to ask a fellow union member or to contact us.  There is not always a delegate in every workplace.

Every delegate has a different level of confidence or competency when it comes to assisting other union members in the workplace.  Where a delegate cannot assist you with a workplace issue they can help you get in contact with a union official who will be able to assist you.  The types of things experienced delegates may be able to help you with are:

  • Advice on rights and entitlements
  • Helping to handle issues by meeting with supervisors or managers
  • Explain industrial and workplace issues, or collective agreement campaigns
  • Give feedback on specific issues of interest to the union or its members.
  • Update you about union activities, meetings and issues
  • Monitor the implementation of the enterprise agreement or award provisions and company policies

Being a Delegate is a very important part of the Union as you are the first point of contact for members who have problems or need advice.

If you are interested in becoming a delegate in your workplace you need to contact us so we can help make the neccesary arrangements.

Once you have been appointed as an AWU delegate we have a number of delegate training courses we provide our delegates to help give them the skills they need to perform this important role.

More information about a delegates roles & responsibilities