The  Australian  Workers’  Union  is  a federation of state, regional and industry based  branches.  It  represents  more  than 130,000 members across  Australia  in a  diverse range of industries. It is Australia’s oldest General union.

The  AWU  was  formed  in 1886 as the Amalgamated Shearers Union, and  quickly  grew  to   represent  shearers  across  New  South  Wales, Victoria and South     Australia. The Queensland Shearers Union formed in 1887.

By  1894  the  Australian  Workers’  Union  was  formed  and advanced the struggle to cope with  the conditions  of  the  1890s.  Gradually,  the AWU grew as the   colonies recovered.

Federation  in  1901  brought  a  Commonwealth  Industrial  Relations      system.  The AWU was the first union to secure a federal award under the  newly  formed conciliation  and  arbitration  system  the  Pastoral Industry  Award,  with  this  award,  the  AWU was able to ensure that     workers,  not  just  bosses, had a say in setting  pay rates and workplace conditions. 

As well as standard union benefits such as advice on workplace issues, enterprise bargaining  agreements, awards, workers’ compensation matters and occupational health and safety concerns, your membership entitles you to a range of union services including:

· Ambulance Cover at reduced rates

· Free preparation of a Standard Will

· Free half hour visit to a lawyer

· Free half hour visit to a financial advisor

· OHS Training

· Free Delegate Training

Our website is regularly updated with membership services along with training dates and course training information, so check us out at 

As a member of the Australian Workers’ Union  we make a pledge of service to you. We put members first by:

· Promoting job security

· Opposing casualisation of jobs

· Improving wages and conditions

· Protecting against discrimination and harassment

The AWU is only as strong as you make it when protecting your rights at work,  because our  members are the strength.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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